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AMAZING service by a very professional team! I can't even begin to tell you how awesome Eric, Rudy and the rest of the SERVPRO team is. They responded quickly to my call to help mitigate the floor damage caused by water from a leaking AC unit. They checked for mold, asbestos, patched up the dry wall and changed the entire floor. They were so polite with my tenants and worked around the tenants' schedule. The mitigation team was patient and worked with my insurance company's timeline and reimbursement policies. I would recommend SERVPRO in a heart beat! Truly great team of professionals!!! I can't say enough good things about them

This is a LONG overdue review of SERVPRO of San Gabriel.  They helped us over a year ago, back in March 2020, shortly after the pandemic shut-down orders started.  My elderly mother lives nearby, and the pipe under her kitchen sink burst, causing extensive water damage to the condo.  The leak was only discovered upon seeing water leak down the roof of the garage on the level below the kitchen.  I live out of state, and with the statewide shut-down in place, I couldn't fly down to CA to help.  So we were handling everything from a distance via email and phone--dealing with searching/hiring emergency water remediation contractor, insurance adjuster visits, and searching/hiring restoration contractor.  It was such a nutty time that we did things piecemeal, and  we didn't find SERVPRO until after we had already hired another contractor to handle the water remediation part.  I contacted several places for bids on the restoration, and SERVPRO was the most prompt.  Upon learning English was not my mom's first language, they sent someone who spoke her language.  They ended up removing the damaged flooring and replacing the floor of entire downstairs of the condo (2 bedrooms, kitchen, dining, living room, and stairway down to the garage).  Terence and Rudy were both responsive via emails, and Rudy also communicated with me via text.  March 2020 was a scary time for us to have strangers--contractors--go in and out of my elderly mom's home.   I am grateful for the contractor team's professionalism, and the ease by which we were able to handle all of this from a distance.  If you are looking for any service that SERVPRO of San Gabriel can handle, don't hesitate to contact them and get a bid.

I discovered SERVPRO of San Gabriel after a thorough Google search. Last October during the Santa Ana winds and the heavy rain fall my house suffered from storm damage. A lot of water got inside the house and mold began to grow and spread from letting the water sit in the house before I had the chance to drive to Palmdale and see how everything was wet. After discovering the damages and smelling the mold I got in contact with SERVPRO of San Gabriel. I spoke with Eric and dealt with him directly. He is very professional and informative. I was pleased to find out that Eric and his team would have the clean up and mold remediation work done in less than a week. They began cleaning up and removing the mold the day after Eric's inspection. In a total of four days SERVPRO technicians had managed to remove the mold, clean up the water and dry my home. I was left extremely pleased and a satisfied customer. I will recommend SERVPRO to all that I know, they do a fantastic job. Thank you Eric and SERVPRO. 

I discovered SERVPRO of San Gabriel through a thorough yelp search. My house suffered a fire through a faulty extension cord. Luckily the fire was just in the master bedroom but my home did suffer from sever water damage as well. My home has an automated sprinkler system that was left running for over twenty minutes at the time of the fire. When I got in contact with SERVPRO of San Gabriel I was communicating with Derrick. He came out and did the inspection briefly after our initial phone conversation. After the inspection Derrick scheduled for his technicians to come to my home the following day and begin working on the master bedroom, then work their way through the rest of my house. I'm absolutely pleased with the results of my new master bedroom and how quick and efficient they work. Thank you SERVPRO for the amazing job done. 

I've worked with this company twice before and never am I not satisfied with the work they do. I own multiple properties throughout southern California. The last property that SERVPRO of San Gabriel helped me restore and save was a home I have in Palmdale, CA. Eric made the drive to Palmdale after I was in contact with him and mmade him aware of the situation. My previous tenant had destroyed the property before moving out. They had thrashed the walls, there was trash and dry wall all over the floor it was a huge mess. After Eric's inspection he sent out Sysco and the other technicians and they began to work. They started cleaning up and bagging all the debris then began mitigation. Following mitigation they got my home ready for reconstruction and it looked better than it initially had. Once again I am more than pleased with the work SERVPRO of San Gabriel. Thanks again Eric and Sysco, I appreciate you!

Late last year my home suffered damage from the storms.The strong Santa Ana winds and heavy rains not only caused water damage but also resulted in the spreading of mold throughout my home. I was referred to SERVPRO of San Gabriel through a close friend of mine. When I got in contact with Derrick of SERVPRO he was more than helpful and very informative. Derrick made it a point to come out and access the damage the same day that I contacted him. After his inspection he informed me of what work would need to be done and gave me a rough estimate of how much repairs would be. The next day he returned with his technicians and began cleaning up and treating the affected areas. I honestly expected a much longer process but was pleased to find out that the work would be complete in less than a week. Deciding with SERVPRO was the best decision I could've made and I couldn't be any happier with the results. Thank you SERVPRO!

I discovered SERVPRO of San Gabriel after a google search. I ended up deciding on them after reading reviews. When I reached out to SERVPRO I was in contact with Eric. He was very nice and very professional. Eric came out to inspect my property after my house under went an electrical fire. The cause still remains unknown. Eric was extremely helpful and very accommodating. Eric came out for inspection the same day of initial contact. After inspection Eric had his technicians come to my property and begin cleaning up the damaged area. I was surprised how fast they completed the work and had my home ready for reconstruction. The technicians did a fabulous job on the remediation and getting my home ready for reconstruction! Thank you SERVPRO of San Gabriel I appreciate you all!

I contacted SERVPRO of San Gabriel after my home caught on fire. I did some internet research and after reading yelp and google reviews I decided to go with SERVPRO. It was honestly the best decision my wife and I could have made. Eric was very professional and more than helpful. He worked closely with me and always kept me in the loop. Eric made it out to our home to take a look at the damage the same day I decided to contact them. Which pleased me even more and showed me how prompt and professional they are. After Eric came out to access the damage he had his technicians come to the house and begin clean up and restoration. I honestly expected a much longer process but was thrilled when I found out they had completed the job in a couple of days. My bathroom looks better than it ever has. They did a great job and I'm very happy with the result. I would recommend SERVPRO of San Gabriel to all! It would be the greatest decision you can make for yourself and your home. Thank you Eric!

I've worked with Derrick of SERVPRO San Gabriel before at a different property of mine, so when I discovered this water damage in my warehouse I didn't hesitate to contact SERVPRO of San Gabriel. I'am always more than pleased with the results of the work they do and how efficient they are. Both Derrick and technicians are very professional and conscious of time working as quickly as they can to get my business back up and  running. Luckily for me Derrick was able to fit me in his busy schedule and made it out to my warehouse the same day I contacted him so I can get back up and running. He then returned to the location with his technicians after the inspection and they began to clean up and dry the affected area. Like I said before I didn't hesitate to contact SERVPRO because I am always more than pleased with their work. Derrick and his team are very helpful, kind and professional. They get the job done and do a great job. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend other to SERVPRO and already have in the past. Thank you Derrick, thank you SERVPRO!  

I was extremely pleased with the results of the hotel in Alhambra, CA. I work with the hotels management company and was left in charge to find a company to come clean up the hotel room that under went the water damage. I was recommended to SERVPRO of San Gabriel through a mutual friend that works with the same management company for a different hotel nearby. Eric was extremely helpful and worked with me very closely. He made sure to keep me updated throughout the whole process and was very patient with me and my twenty questions as well as the technicians. The property owner was ecstatic of how quickly they where able come clean up and treat the affected area before the mold began to spread. I will recommend SERVPRO to anyone who is looking for this type of work done. As I stated before they where extremely helpful, prompt and polite. I could not of asked for better service. Thank you SERVPRO!

I was very pleased with thte work of SERVPRO San Gabriel. Eric was very helpful and very patient with me. I wasn't sure what would all be needed to my home after the Santa Ana winds resulted into a tree falling on my roof and onto the hood of my car. Eric worked with my very busy schedule and was able to fit me in super last minute to come do an inspection. After his inspection he reassured me that the process would not take so long. Sure enough Eric stuck to his word and he was able to have his SERVPRO team complete the work that needed to be done in no time. The day of inspection Sisco and other technicians came by and began the tree removal. I was more than pleased with the work and with how efficient SERVPRO of San Gabriel is. Choosing them to do this type of my work was the best decision I could've made. Thank you SERVPRO San Gabriel!

Earlier this year there was strong Santa Ana winds and heavy rains that resulted in the side panels of my house to begin lifting. As a result there was water damage in my home. With a quick yelp search I was able to find SERVPRO of San Gabriel. Not only where they located in my area but responded to me quickly and where eager to help me dry my belongings and repair the side paneling to stop the leak from getting any larger. I met with Eric of SERVPRO San Gabriel and he was very helpful, they began to work on my home the same day I contacted them. Eric told me that it shouldn't be to long before they finished the work and it wasn't. They had dried the water inside my home and fixed the side paneling four days after. I was impressed with the results and recommend anyone in need to SERVPRO of San Gabriel.

Heavy rain and strong winds earlier this year caused major water damage to my home. The heavy rain and strong wind caused there to be leaks in my roof. My friend Cindy had told me about SERVPRO of San Gabriel. Cindy told me she contacted them the end of last year and even though she lives in Lancaster and they service the San Gabriel Valley they still managed to service her home. When I reached out to SERVPRO I was in direct contact with Derrick. He was very helpful and very polite. He managed to answer all my questions without a problem. Derrick and his crew made it to Palmdale and promptly began working on my home. They where able to dry all the wet areas and get my rood ready for reconstruction. They managed to get the work done in just a few days I'am still very impressed with the work they did. 

I was referred to SERVPRO of San Gabriel through a coworker. My coworker had water damage in her Pasadena home and gave me the contact information to SERVPRO. She told me how quickly they fixed her damages as well at what great customer service they provide. I live in Lancaster, CA but work in Alhambra.  When I reached out to SERVPRO Eric did tell me that we where out of their jurisdiction, but made accommodations to come out and do an inspection and see what work would need to be done. Eric made the trip up to Lancaster a day after my initial contact with him, a few days following that he returned with his SERVPRO technicians. The strong Santa Ana winds had caused a tree to collapse on my roof and cause structural damage. When SERVPRO came to begin work they removed the tree and got my home ready for reconstruction. It was such a smooth process, Eric and Sisco where extremely friendly and patient with me explaining things to me numerous times. I was impressed with how quickly they where able to get the work done and with the quality of the results. I will continue to use SERVPRO as well as recommend them to any of those in need, 

I've worked with SERVPRO of San Gabriel before on a different property. I was very pleased with the work they did prior so I didn't hesitate to contact them when my Alhambra property went up in flames. The cause of the house fire still remains unknown. Not only was the fire damage as well as wayer damage from putting out the fire. Derrick was very polite and professional. He made this clean up process and remediation go by very smoothly. The service that Derrick and his team provided was exceptional not only was I thrilled with the results but with how quick and efficient they worked. I'd refer SERVPRO of San Gabriel to all. 

Eric of SERVPRO San Gabriel was very helpful. Him and his crew began to clean the fire debris and repair my  home right away. The day I contacted SERVPRO Eric made time in his schedule for him and his technicians to come do an inspection and begin working right away. After initial clean up SERVPRO of San Gabriel made my bathroom ready for reconstruction. SERVPRO was very professional and time consciousness. The process was way shorter and smoother than I thought it would be. I expected Eric and his team to take at least two weeks to repair my home, but they where done in a few days. I' am thrilled with the results and would recommend SERVPRO to any in need of cleaning/ remediation.  

"After contacting a local plummer to fix a leak in my house. Shortly after I noticed a strong odor of mold and decay. After my google search I discovered that SERVPRO of San Gabriel specializes in these type of issue. I then reached out and scheduled an inspection. Eric came out and discovered massive mold growth along my staircase. He immediately returned with his crew and started containment and clean up of the affected areas. I would recommend SERVPRO San Gabriel without hesitation. " Victor H

I discovered that my property was being used as a marijuana grow house when tenants left. I was recommended to SERVPRO of San Gabriel from a friend that used SERVPRO for a different project. The house was completely covered in mold. Derrick was very helpful he was my point of contact and walked me through the entire process. The house is now ready for reconstruction and I'm looking forward to rent my property again. 

"Derrick saved me money!  I noticed a strong moldy odor in my master bathroom. The plumber we hired said that we needed to remove the shower and the cost was going to be several thousand dollars.. Derrick discovered the leak came from my sink, it was an easy fix and his honest response saved my family the unnecessary expense of removing my entire shower. Thank you SERVPRO!" Hubert C.

I appreciate Eric and his team workers from SERVPRO of San Gabriel!

Derrick was polite and patiently explained the situation clearly to me. After his inspection on my rental property. He coordinated with me alling with his team who immediately started working on my rental property. 

The other two technicians Kris and Cisco did a great job on the mold remediation and cleaning up the damaged area.

Thank you very much! 

"I own a salon in Down Town Los Angeles. We recently had a pipe rupture after business hours. After our Plumber fixed leak, we contacted SERVPRO.  There was water everywhere, and we could not afford any downtime. Derrick came out with his crew! they did a fantastic job. They cleaned and dried out the affected area and built an enclosure that allowed them to run their equipment More importantly, we were able to work and service our clients..Thank you SERVPRO! " Natalie G

We were out of the country when the person watching our house told us we had a massive water leak.  By the time we got home. Our wood floor carpet, walls, and cabinets had sustained significant water damage.  We contacted our insurance provider and they gave us referrals for plumbers and water abatement companies.  I didn't like the way things were going and it was a pain to coordinate with the various companies.  

I decided to check out SERVPRO of San Gabriel to see if they could help us.  That was the best decision I made.  Eric came out the next day to assess the damage and outlined his plan to remove, repair, and restore our home.  He took charge of the whole job. I fired the companies that were referred by the insurance company.  Eric's plumber came in and identified the sewer backup that caused the problem.

Eric's crew moved in and set up boundaries to contain mold and asbestos. His team then began the drying out phase.  The set up was thorough and efficient.   We had to be out of town several times during the repair.  Eric's crew worked around our schedule with maximum efficiency.  

When it was time to repair the damaged walls and cabinets he brought in a wonderful carpenter who specialized in cabinet restoration.  Our home is now fully restored and our cabinets look good as new.  

Eric's competent and professional planning and supervision of the entire job was a God-send.  For peace of mind and competent service, call Eric at SERVPRO of San Gabriel!

We recently had a pipe rupture in our office. The water ran for quite some time causing significant flooding in our office. I contacted SERVPRO San Gabriel. They responded immediately They were able to help us salvage our documents. They were able to and pack our file boxes in order, wrap our furniture with care. Kris and Cisco did a fantastic job!

We had a small kitchen fire caused by plumbers negligence. My insurance broker gave me Erics number form SERVPRO of San Gabriel. Eric responded immediately.  His team did an excellent job. His team thoroughly cleaned my house.  Eric also helped me coordinate with my insurance company documents. My kitchen is brand new kitchen! Great service.

Derrick was very polite, on time, informative, and helpful.  He was able to come out the same day that I called them with my issue. He took the time to explain to me the process and answered any questions I had. Very professional and very glad I contacted them with my water issue.

Kris and Cisco are very dedicated to their work and to SERVPRO. I felt very comfortable having them in my home.

Water damage is very disturbing and they were reassuring  regarding mold remediation 

I would call upon them again.

Sewage pipe. Crawlspace. Leak. Three things that sound terrible separately, but together is a disgusting fucking trifecta. What do you do in this kind of situation? Pay someone else to deal with it DUH!

We called SERVPRO out, they came out right away and was able to clean it up and remove the odor over a few days. The crew was dope and way more professional than I ever am. Thank God for money! Thank God people will do anything for it! This sounds like I condone prostitution! I'm outta here!

Recently had a water damage in the foundation, and called up statefarm who recommended me SERVPRO. team were very experienced and fast in response. They followed through the case like a PRO! It sucks to deal with the water issue but I am glad we now know a very good resource for restoration. Keep up the good work!!

They remediated my mold issue within ONE day! Professional!

Back flow from toilet, these guy responded so quickly after I call them. They arrived within 30 mins.

Both Victor and Cisco are very friendly. Their performance is very professional.

Victor is responsible and he think from customer side. Great work.

Good Team, fast and responsible. 

Cisco is friendly, and he work fast!

Employees are worrying about mold issue, and Derrick explained to ever concern of the workers. Great job SERVPRO!

Derrick is very knowledgeable, he explained the condition to me and educated me everything about mold. He is really professional!

Eric is fantastic, he is friendly and patient to all of my questions.

They are professional and fast, I'm very happy that I call them

All the great reviews you see on Yelp about SERVPRO San Gabriel are all true!

I had a water leak in my bathroom in a first floor condo.  I called SERVPRO of San Gabriel and Eric came immediately to see if he could identify what the cause was. Eric's response time was fast and he worked with my tenant's schedule to restore the function of my bathroom. 

As SERVPRO San Gabriel checked the moisture levels of my wall, they set up fans to dry the area and sent pictures by phone to me as this was my rental property.  I contacted the HOA plumber to determine the fault and the cause of action while SERVPRO sent samples for testing of air and materials.  When I received the results, I asked if they knew of a contractor who would build back my bathroom.  SERVPRO San Gabriel helped with the restoration of the bathroom. 

I need to tell you not all SERVPRO companies are the same; each is independently owned and operated. This specific company has great customer service, knowledge, willing to work with insurance and off-site owners.  I spoke to SERVPRO by phone, sent emails, and they provided explanations and suggestions on how to best handle the situation.

They live up to their mission of understanding the stresses and worries that comes with water damage disruptions.  Their goal is to help minimize the interruption to your life and quickly make it "Like it never even happened."

Thank you SERVPRO of San Gabriel, Eric and all the professionals that helped in the restoration of my bathroom!!!

I couldn't be happier with finding SERVPRO San Gabriel. 

I had Derrick, Cisco and Danny addressing the mold issues in my home.  They were professional and pleasant to be around.  I was present for a lot of the work being done and appreciated the extra care in ensuring my property and belongings were undamaged.  

My neighbor who concurrently had flooding issues was impressed with the work they did in his place too.

For the build back I went with a general contractor as I needed multiple permits for all the structural modifications to my property BUT I did enlist the help of the owner to install the wood flooring that was water damaged.  

He ended up sending Jinghong and Lin to do the wood installation in my living room, kitchen, bathroom, and closet.

The installation looks amazing. I really appreciate the attention to detail- whether it was filling in gaps or marking where the preexisting hole was in the powder room to help the toilet installers. 

Once the flooring was completed they covered it with paper and plastic sheeting to protect it.  There was no mess left at the end of the workday (both indoors or outdoors) and they were both very respectful and courteous (even offering to help with luggage).

Between the mold remediation/demo crew and the flooring guys, Eric and his team have made their part in this tiring remodel process completely effortless.

Highly recommended!

Last month, I stepped into a puddle of water at 3am on my way to the bathroom.  I followed the trail of water and realized that the toilet had leaked an inch of water throughout the entire house.  I called around the next day, not knowing what to expect. I first called RotoRooter and they quoted me $150 just to come out and "at least $500 for the clean-up service".  They were quite rude and made me feel like they didn't want my business.  I did a little bit of research and came across SERVPRO of San Gabriel- they had stellar reviews, so I gave them a call not expecting much.  Annita answered all of my questions and told me that they would deal with our homeowners insurance directly so that we wouldn't have to pay anything out of pocket.  They came out the very next day and assessed the situation- it was a lot worse than we thought.  Fans, dehumidifiers were set up that day and they advised us to contact insurance to get relocated to a hotel.  It's now 3 weeks later and we're still at our hotel while the repairs are being done to our house.  It's been a pain and extremely stressful to be out of our house for so long, but the thing that made our life easier was the team at SERVPRO.  They took care of everything.  Annita walked me through the process and kept in constant contact with me through text messages.  She always responded right away and was very patient with all of my questions.  I am truly grateful that I found these guys because I can't imagine another company taking care of us the way they did. Very highly recommended!!

When my waste line backed up and flooded my garage, things went nuts.  I was feeling lost, frustrated, and wasn't quite sure how to approach the entire situation.

Annita and her amazing crew took over as soon as I called her.  She told me exactly what the protocol would be and came over very quickly to assess the damage.  Step by step, she was very clear and had a game plan to get everything taken care of for me.  She and Charlie (lead tech) stayed late into the night until my garage was cleaned up.  

And the work doesn't stop with just the clean up, they will make sure the area is properly quarantined, air is clean, and any contaminated walls and materials were properly disposed of.  Annita also scheduled a 3rd party lab to come out afterwards and make sure everything was REALLY clean, not just visually clean.

Both Annita and Charlie were absolute pros when it came to this.  They knew exactly what to do, and did exactly what they said they would do.  They were always so accommodating with our schedule and easy to communicate with.  Annita also helped me deal with my insurance company so I didn't have to as much.

I hope I never need to call them again, but if that unfortunate day does come, there's no one else I would call to take care of my home and the safety of my family/home than SERVPRO of San Gabriel.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Super responsive, superb customer service, punctual, good on follow-ups, everyone (Charlie, Annita, Derrick, Cisco) was great and had pride in their work (taking their time to do things right), answered every question and explained things to educate us, went above and beyond to help homeowners in need, and a sense of humor to help me laugh in a stressful time.

We had a bad shower leak.  Due to work and long commute, they accommodated our schedules by coming out after business hours.  They cleaned up every day, and worked with our insurance company directly on payments for approved coverage.  We lost drywalls, bedroom and hallway floors, door jams, baseboards, entire dual sink vanity, floor to ceiling cabinets, entire travertine-tiled shower gutted down to studs and concrete slab with lots of mold and subterranean termites.  They remediated the mold, and covered up everything to help us minimize dust before we can build everything back, and provided all paperwork promptly.  We trusted them and gave them a key and left for work.

Not all SERVPROs are equal.  Each location is a franchise with a different owner.  Select this one and you are in great hands!

FYI, they do demo on damage and mold remediation, not build back or treating pests.  I like it this way because if one company handles demo and build back, it's conflict of interest.

Thank you for all your help!!!

We had a pipe burst under our house and it left about an inch of water in the crawl space. We didn't know what to do, so I hopped on Yelp and found this SERVPRO. I spoke to Anita and told her about the damages. She immediately sent Derrick and Charlie to our house within the next hour. The crew crawled under there to assess and said they would have to extract the water out. They went on to explain the dry out process and we trusted them with helping us with this first-time situation. All in all, they were awesome to work with. They gave us daily updates and kept us in the loop every step of the way. I would definitely use them again, thank you SERVPRO!