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Another happy customer of SERVPRO SanGabriel. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction in all interactions.

bathroom near you

Successful bathroom Restoration

Ruptured pipe flooded out this Lakewood, CA bathroom. We repaired and restored the bathroom...Better than before!    

Water damage office space

Office space burst pipe in Pasadena, Ca

This beautiful office space in Pasadena business park underwent serious water damage when sewage pipe burst throughout complete first level. The property management was in contact with SERVPRO San Gabriel after discovering wet carpets and a mold smell beginning to form. SERVPRO technicians began to dry affected area and test for mold. After drying and removing wet affected areas there was no mold found in building. Technicians repaired the sewage line preventing further leaks. 

Flood in warehouse

Commercial building flooded El Monte, Ca

Severe water damage caused a flood in an El Monte warehouse. Property management contacted SERVPRO of San Gabriel after initial repair done by property maintenance was not enough. SERVPRO of San Gabriel technician's where brought to the job site to being clean up. After initial clean and drying of the flooded warehouse they then repaired the slab leak that resulted into this flood. 

Strong Winds

Santa Ana winds residential damage in Arcadia, CA

Strong Santa Ana winds caused residential damage in Arcadia, Ca. Homeowner contacted SERVPRO of San Gabriel when he noticed a fallen tree in front of his lawn. SERVPRO technicians came to the site and hauled the damage tree and debris and cleaned up rest of the damage and affected area. 

Heavy rains

Storm Damage in Pasadena Ca

Flooding occurred in Pasadena home from heavy rains and strong Santa Ana winds. SERVPRO of San Gabriel was contacted when customer discovered flooding. SERVPRO technicians where able to treat and dry the affected area. Restoration came about after clean up, SERVPRO tech's had significant amount of work to do prior to restoration, and left all areas dry and cleaned preventing any mold growth to occur.

Electrical fire

Massive electrical fire in Pasadena, CA

Beautiful Pasadena home suffered from a massive electrical fire. The stoves wiring had been faulty for years now and finally sparked on fire while homeowner was attempting to bring water in the pot to boil. Faulty and or old appliances are one of the largest cause of house fires. When SERVPRO of San Gabriel was contacted technicians began to clean and treat affected areas, removing all debris and burnt appliances. After clean up and remediation all appliances and cords where checked prior on being up to date before getting put back into the kitchen. Once clean up on affected areas was complete SERVPRO technicians got the home ready to undergo reconstruction. 

Kitchen fire

House fire in Alhambra, Ca

A large kitchen in Alhambra, Ca caught on fire due to a faulty outlet which led to electrical fire. When contacting SERVPRO of San Gabriel the home owner had made technicians aware of the frayed cord that was connected to their stove. The poor wiring of the cord resulted into the stove bursting into high flames that spread throughout the kitchen. SERVPRO was contacted initially to clean up debris from the fire as well as the smoke residue from cabinets and walls as well as the wet areas that put the fire out. After clean up and remediation SERVPRO of San Gabriel got the home ready for reconstruction. 

Urine saturation to drywall, subfloor, insulation, full remediation

Full remediation and clean up in Pasadena, Ca

After initial contact SERVPRO was able to clean up and treat affected areas. Home owner was hoarding about ten cats in the Pasadena home, who where urinating all over the house. The drywall, sub floor and insulation where all saturated in cat urine. To treat the affected area SERVPRO technicians did full remediation getting the Pasadena home ready for reconstruction. 

Burst pipe in Temple City home

Flooded house in Temple City

SERVPRO of San Gabriel had the opportunity to help how owner clean up and treat affected areas of beautiful Temple City home that suffered a house flood. SERVPRO inspector Derrick found the cause of the flood was a water leak in the downstairs bathroom. SERVPRO was able to clean up and dry the excessive amount of water and prepare the home for subsequent repair. 

Buckled wood floor

Moisture in build up Arcadia, CA

Moisture was discovered in Arcadia, Ca which resulted into buckling floor. SERVPRO of San Gabriel was contacted and discovered high moisture readings. SERVPRO of San Gabriel is on the job investigating the main cause of the moisture and cleaning up and tearing out wet floors and getting the home ready for reconstruction. 

Mold clean up , remediation

Water damage in Pasadena, Ca

Burst pipe in Pasadena, California home resulted in water damage and mold growth. Water sat in affected area for three weeks prior to home owner contacting SERVPRO. When SERVPRO was contacted cleanup and remediation started right away. SERVPRO of San Gabriel cleaned affected area and remediated affected areas for reconstruction. 

Heavy rains

Storm damage in Lancaster, CA

Strong winds and heavy rains from Santa Ana storms resulted in multiple leaks in home owners roof. Leaks caused water and structural damage to home, resulting in clean up and water restoration by SERVPRO of San Gabriel. SERVPRO cleaned and treated affected areas getting home and roof ready for reconstruction.

Leak in office space

Storm damage result

Strong Santa Ana winds resulted into shattered window causing water damage to entire tenth level of downtown Los Angeles office space. SERVPRO of San Gabriel came to try all water damage and prevent mold growth in all wet areas. 

Commercial remediation

Mold clean up , remediation

This commercial property had to undergo clean up and remediation after mold growth was noticed. There had been water damage to this office space resulting into mold. SERVPRO of San Gabriel cleaned up and remediated affected areas to reconstruct. 

Office Flood

Burst pipe results in office flood

This Pasadena office had a burst pipe for the second time this year after its initial repair. Property owner than decided to reach out to SERVPRO of San Gabriel for water restoration and clean up. 

Leak in classroom

Portable classroom water damage

This portable classroom became flooded from leaks caused by the heavy rains. SERVPRO of San Gabriel was contacted by school district to dry and repair damages. Not only does SERVPRO of San Gabriel do water restoration but also clean up services. 

Mold removal

Mold build up repair

After initial contact SERVPRO of San Gabriel was able to clean and treat affected areas, removing mold from home. SERVPRO of San Gabriel worked quickly and efficiently to treat all affected areas leaving home clean and mold free.

Mold buildup

Mold build up growth

Strong winds and heavy rains resulted into many leaks in the homes of southern California residents. The leaks resulted into water damage that some just let sit for a few weeks if not months before noticing a moldy smell. SERVPRO of San Gabriel was contacted to clean and treat affected areas.

Staircase repair

Repair of staircase after fire

Beautiful results of the lobby and staircase after contacting SERVPRO of San Gabriel. In downtown Los Angeles a beautiful high rise building under went an electrical fire causing the lobby and staircase to be burnt down. After contacting SERVPRO of San Gabriel to clean up the damaged area and build back this was the result.

Burnt stair case

Stair case after fire

Beautiful downtown Los Angeles building underwent electrical fire. The result of that fire was a damaged lobby and burnt down staircase. There was a lot of debris and other damage done to the building that would need a good cleaning and remediation as well.

Fallen tree

Strong Santa Ana winds

Structure damage in Long Beach, CA from Santa Ana winds. Large tree falling was a result of the storm. SERVPRO of San Gabriel was contacted after referral. Tree removal from property owners yard and city sidewalk.

Marijuana plants

Illegal Marijuana Grow House Fontana, CA

SERVPRO San Gabriel on the job cleaning up illegal marijuana grow house. This rental  property was used as a marijuana grow house. 

Trash in the lawn

Hording Clean Up in Long Beach, CA

SERVPRO of San Gabriel recently responded to an extream hoarding. This challenging project required one bobcat tractor and four 40FT trash containers to removove the accumulated debris and waste. 

Bobcat used to remove debris

Extreme Hording Clean Up in Long Beach, CA

This extreme hoarding clean up in Long Beach, CA. SERVPRO of San Gabriel utilized heavy equipment to remove the contents from the interior and exterior of the property.  This example if extreme hoarding posed immediate health and fire risk to the homes in the area. The property is now as good as new and rented. 

Moisture Reader against wooden door frame and mold on wall

High Moisture discovered at a home in Pasadena, CA

This property exhibited extremely high more readings. SERVPRO of San Gabriel is on the job investigating the origin on the moisture and help property owners ensure that there is no further damage to the property.

Air Filters

Illegal Marijuana Grow House in Chino, CA

SERVPRO of San Gabriel surveying a property recently raided by the local police department. Property owners requesting remediation service. 

Mold Growth on plywood subfloor

Significant mold growth found at a property in Corona, CA

Property owners called SERVPRO of San Gabriel to provide imidate remediation services when they discovered significant mold growth at one of their rental properties in Corona, CA 

6 green Air Movers in hallway with carpet runner

Boiler failure causes massive flooring damage in Sierra Madre , CA

Boiler Failure caused significant damage to the floor of the entire property. SERVPRO of San Gabriel working to dry out the property before any additional loss and damage can occur.

Fire Damage

Massive Fire at San Gabriel, CA Bowling Alley

This massive fire destroyed a beloved bowling alley in San Gabriel CA. Our team at SERVPRO San Gabriel worked with the business owner to clean up the site and prepare it for re-construction. 

Kitchen Fire

Kitchen fire in Arcadia, CA

A massive fire nearly destroys a home. We were able to restore the property and prepare it for re-construction. Fire damage is no match for SERVPRO of San Gabriel. 

fire damaged floor

Guest House Fire Arcadia, CA

SERVPRO San Gabriel responding to a post fire incident in Arcadia, CA.  We're on the Job and working with the home owner and insurance company.  This property required significant clean up and mitigation work in-order to get it ready for reconstruction. 

Costly Water Damage in Arcadia, CA.

Recently, SERVPRO of San Gabriel had the privilege of helping the owner of this beautiful multi-million dollar home in Arcadia. The water leak occurred in the bathroom and wasn't detected until the owners returned from their vacation. The damage was significant, but we were able to dry out the area and prepare it for the subsequent repair. 

We Are Professional Restoration Team

Every job our team went, SERVPRO of San Gabriel try to organized as possible as trained. No matter Water restoration, Fire restoration, Storm restoration, or mold remediation, SERVPRO of San Gabriel make sure to organized customer's belonging for the convenience of customer after the restoration job has done!

Water Proof Wood Floor VS. Lack of Maintenance

SERVPRO of San Gabriel got a call in Rowland Heights for water restoration. Owner just change water proof wood floor an year ago, but he never maintenance his piping; unfortunately, the supply line burst. The water proof wood floor, that is not so water proof, is damaged by burst out water. Remember maintenance your home fellows, but if anything happened, Call SERVPRO of San Gabriel we will always happy to take care of your disaster! 

Mushroom grow in Los Angeles Home

SERVPRO of San Gabriel went to a job and saw a mushroom grow on the wood floor. This Los Angeles house got Water leak issue when the home owner went to a vacation. After she came back a small fungus is popped from her wood floor. She called SERVPRO of San Gabriel immediately to help her.

SERVPRO Quick Responds Fire Damage in 626 Night Market in Arcadia

SERVPRO Of San Gabriel restored a Fire Damaged booth at 626 Night Market in Arcadia. The booth caught on fire during their preparing period and our crew quick responded to the owner and help him back to business within 2 and a half hours.

Your home is our home. We care!

Many people think demolition is messy and dirty. As our team doing any restoration, We will always set up containment to keep the job site as clean as possible. This is a water damaged kitchen, and the containment will prevent non-affected area from getting dusty as we doing the demolition. Don't worry, SERVPRO of San Gabriel will never make a mess as we doing the work inside your house, we always serve your home as our own home. SERVPRO of San Gabriel cares about your property.