Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Strong Winds

Santa Ana winds residential damage in Arcadia, CA

Strong Santa Ana winds caused residential damage in Arcadia, Ca. Homeowner contacted SERVPRO of San Gabriel when he noticed a fallen tree in front of his lawn. SERVPRO technicians came to the site and hauled the damage tree and debris and cleaned up rest of the damage and affected area. 

Heavy rains

Storm Damage in Pasadena Ca

Flooding occurred in Pasadena home from heavy rains and strong Santa Ana winds. SERVPRO of San Gabriel was contacted when customer discovered flooding. SERVPRO technicians where able to treat and dry the affected area. Restoration came about after clean up, SERVPRO tech's had significant amount of work to do prior to restoration, and left all areas dry and cleaned preventing any mold growth to occur.

Heavy rains

Storm damage in Lancaster, CA

Strong winds and heavy rains from Santa Ana storms resulted in multiple leaks in home owners roof. Leaks caused water and structural damage to home, resulting in clean up and water restoration by SERVPRO of San Gabriel. SERVPRO cleaned and treated affected areas getting home and roof ready for reconstruction.

Leak in office space

Storm damage result

Strong Santa Ana winds resulted into shattered window causing water damage to entire tenth level of downtown Los Angeles office space. SERVPRO of San Gabriel came to try all water damage and prevent mold growth in all wet areas. 

Mold buildup

Mold build up growth

Strong winds and heavy rains resulted into many leaks in the homes of southern California residents. The leaks resulted into water damage that some just let sit for a few weeks if not months before noticing a moldy smell. SERVPRO of San Gabriel was contacted to clean and treat affected areas.

Fallen tree

Strong Santa Ana winds

Structure damage in Long Beach, CA from Santa Ana winds. Large tree falling was a result of the storm. SERVPRO of San Gabriel was contacted after referral. Tree removal from property owners yard and city sidewalk.